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New Age Accounting Software

“The most comprehnsive business software solution out there!”     E Business magazine 2011 review




Kojeo ERP,  much more than accounting software!

Kojeo Erp is a robust business software solution which does much more than secure accounting.  Kojeo will store your office documents, e-mails and phone conversations under the proper customer or vendor.  It will allow you to ship, receive and count your inventory based on bar-codes. When it comes to ordering product, you won't have to worry about how much of what or who to buy from. Kojeo has “Active smart technology” that allows it to learn and develop what you should order, how much and from which supplier all by itself.  It will even e-mail you when you are running low on the necessary product your customers count on.  That is what Kojeo calls “just-in-time” inventory!

  • More information at a glance.
  • Three times faster than the competitors’ software.
  • Multi Location and Multi Currency.
  • Service, manufacturing and rental features available.
  • Something for everyone in Kojeo ... You’ll wonder how your business lived without it.



Jim E. runs a distribution business.
“Kojeo ERP allows my staff to see everything related to my customers from the office documents right to the nuts and bolts!”

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Mathew P. owns a chemical manufacturing business.
”I love the way I can see what finished goods we can build based on the raw materials on hand!  Very simple to use but still does everything we need it to.”